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Our Objectives

  • To increase household incomes

  • To initiate projects in sectors that can change the welfare of and develop the community

  • To empower members with skills to be self-reliant

  • To promote sustainable use of environmental resources

  • To provide a platform for knowledge and experience exchange amongst members, local authorities and other stakeholders

  • To collaborate and network with NGOs, donors, and government for the realization of the objectives

  • To promote the spirit of unity, solidarity, peace, and friendship

  • To contribute to the general development of the area and the nation at large

Strategic Focus

Our Strategic Areas of Focus




Health and Sanitation

Democracy and Good Governance


Some Of Our Completed Projects

Since inception in 2011, our involvement with the community has created a huge difference. Whether we’re serving in our own towns and villages in South Sudan or setting up shop in Uganda to serve the refugee population, SALT continues to identify needs and do what we can to meet them. We partner with organizations that share our goals and can help with resources; and when outside resources are scarce, we support initiatives ourselves as we are able. We thank God for his provision. Please enjoy these photos of some of our completed projects!

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