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SALT is privileged to partner with churches, NGOs, and local government organizations within and outside of South Sudan. Our partners are important to our success. We work with individuals and organizations around the world who share the vision of economic, social and spiritual transformation in our community.

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Partner With Us

We welcome partners to walk with us in faith as we do the work that God has commissioned us to do. We are committed to bringing sustainable development and other services that provide poverty alleviation and empowerment to those we serve. Our partners receive our commitment to be transparent in our operations through regular financial reports, conference calls, and the friendly South Sudanese invitation to visit as often and as much as you like!

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Partner Spotlight

SALT has partnered with PEER Servants, a USA-based NGO, since 2016. PEER Servants partners with indigenous Christian microfinance institutions worldwide, providing services such as capacity building, resource development, networking and encouragement. We’re grateful for the partnership that PEER Servants provides and welcome others to walk with us.

Current & Past Partners

ACAV (Italy)

Gudnebors (USA)

Brickworks (United Kingdom)

PEER Servants (USA)

Farm Sudan (a USAID-funded project)


FAO Agriculture (UN/South Sudan)

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