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SALT is a South Sudanese social services organization that seeks to bring the hope, healing and transformation that only Christ can bring, in practical and tangible ways.

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, has been in a violent civil war off and on for over 25 years. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, property, and livelihoods. Over a million have had to flee. Orphans have been abandoned, and women tortured and traumatized. Many have lost hope.

In 2011, a group of South Sudanese Christ-followers passionate for the kingdom of heaven to come to their beloved nation formed Joint Effort for Development (JED), a South Sudanese community-based organization dedicated to extending the fullness of the kingdom on earth. They have since worked tirelessly to bring needed programs and services to their communities.

JED became a fully-fledged South Sudanese NGO in 2014, and in 2019 changed its name to Special Action for Life Transformation (SALT).


SALT provides an encouraging  community!

Yei and Morobo Counties, South Sudan

As South Sudan goes through the period of recovery and reconstruction, many areas in the country still face numerous challenges, with significant levels of poverty limiting productive capacity. Many who wish to grow and develop lack the opportunities; instead they are confronted with the stress and shame of being unable to provide for their needs. It is here that SALT operates, working within its community to provide the necessary stimuli for sustainable growth and development. We focus on the vulnerable and hard-hit Yei and Morobo counties of Central Equatoria state.

Arua District, Northern Uganda

Political conflict in 2016 forced hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese to flee to Uganda for refuge and safety. SALT decided to commit their resources and experience to supporting the needs of those in refugee camps and communities of Uganda. It began operations in Arua, Northern Uganda, in 2017, starting with a vocational training and microfinance program. Even as peace comes to South Sudan, SALT will continue to remain in Northern Uganda, serving a very large vulnerable refugee population there, for the foreseeable future.


SALT, previously named Joint Effort for Development (JED) started as a not-for-profit Community-Based Organization (CBO) in 2011. It became a fully-fledged National Non-Governmental Organization in 2014 in South Sudan, registered under the New South Sudan NGOs Act 2003. As of 2019, SALT is also registered with the National Bureau for NGOs in Uganda as a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization under registration number MIA/NB/2019/06/2355.

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