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Our Vision

Socially and economically empowered communities for self-resilience

Our Mission

Increasing access to opportunities and resources through social,  economic and spiritual empowerment for holistic transformation and better life.

Our Core Values & Principles  


Listening and Learning




Gender Sensitivity



Quality Work




Appreciation & recognition.


Our Beliefs

SALT is a Christ-centered non-governmental organization. We believe:

  • in the centrality of Christ in everything we do and in our service to humanity.

  • in the universality of the body of Christ (believers) and in the gifts everyone has been bestowed by the Spirit for the benefit of the universal church.

  • in an action oriented church (body of Christ) created to do good.

  • that SALT is ordained by Christ to be a light and salt to the world.

  • that we are called out to be ambassadors of hope and to make Christ known to the whole world through our witness and support of our mission.

  • in God’s unending love and in our duty to love Him and our neighbors.

  • in the presence of God in us and in our duty to live as those created in His image.

  • that it is not the privilege of only a few to live in riches while the rest languish in poverty.

  • that, in God, we are called to be developers of talents and builders of the kingdom through our service and being good stewards of His creation.

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